Terms & Conditions

products supplied during lock down

Usually I send all my sterling silver signet rings  to London assay office for testing and hallmarking .

Unfortunately London assay office is closed till further notice , so instead I am marking them inside with 925 the month and 2020 (ie) 925-04-2020 if under 7.87 grams , above legally require hallmarking

I have a limited supply of hallmarked blanks that are above 8 grams each , untill they run out are available

This is in part why I am offerring a huge discount , in the hope this helps a little in these trying times , as otherwise you may find it extremely difficult to obtain a high quality product at an affordable price IF AT ALL

Please note I have a reputation as one of the best quality signet ring manufacturers in England , although I am selling at a similar price to the cheap imports from overseas , theirs in no way compare in quality to mine

I am only able to offer this service as a result of the self employed bail out by our government , this offer will end suddenly however if I exhaust the remaining 3 kilo of silver casting grain I presently have in stock , as all the UK bullion suppliers have closed

Posting By Royal Mail to UK only

We have suspended all overseas sales , and in order not to have to que in post office instead your order will be placed in a 20mm  presentation / gift box , inside a 25mm cardboard box which can be sent by 1st class placed in our local post box. No signature will be required when it arrives ( if not a gift please select NO BOX at checkout )

I have set The shopping cart gateway to allow for your order to be posted to yourself , or to an alternative UK address if it is a gift for a friend or family. If alternative address is selected no invoice will be in parcel , sorry no gift wrapping.

An email will be sent to you the evening it has been posted , please confirm once safely received.  If I have not heard  to the contrary I will assume your order was received safely and reject any Paypal claim for lost in transit.

Our secluded home workshop in Hertfordshire England

My usual signet ring website has been closed for the time being as I am unable to supply about 50% of the included products, Gold especially has gone through the roof price wise . 

The workshop has no access for either members of the public , Trade or the postman. As neither myself or my wife are infected and relying mainly on deliveries for everything there is no reason to expect any form of contamination , however , I would recommend disposing of all outer packaging , wiping over the outside of the presentation box and then washing your hands thoughrilly. Personally I would suggest also washing the contents well prior to wearing it.

Customer support

A phone number will be provided with your order to contact me with any issues , though none are likely , I tend to send photos of products prior to packing in the evening ready to post next day, to confirm correctly engraved etc.

In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with my workmanship , post back within 7 working days for a replacement , however there may be a charge if you request a change to the finger size , or if you have ordered an incorrect face size as this can not usually be altered , and will require a re make.